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The New Forest Walking Festival 2019

The New Forest Walking Festival is set to return on 12 October to 3 November, providing the perfect opportunity to explore the Park’s beautiful surroundings, rich history and impressive range of wildlife on an expert-led tour.

In order to the celebrate the Year of Green Action and the 70th birthday of National Parks we’re extending the festival for a extra week!

We’re confident that once people start experiencing the outdoors they’ll realise how special it is and maybe offer a ‘Green Pledge’ to recycle more, make their garden more wildlife friendly or maybe even start volunteering for a green charity.

Explore the New Forest’s unique landscape

Taking in open heaths, grasslands and, of course, woodlands and forest, the relatively flat New Forest National Park is ideal for exploring on foot. With over 80 walks taking place throughout the Walking Festival, including history hikes, activity walks, family strolls, and wildlife walks, you’ll be able to explore the New Forest’s unique landscape and stunning surroundings.

The New Forest National Park is also home to an abundance of wildlife, including cattle, pigs, donkeys, and a huge range of birds, as well as the famous New Forest Ponies – so keep your eyes peeled as you walk. Of course, whilst you can enjoy looking at the animals from afar, please remember not to try and touch or feed them as they aren’t used to humans!

Learn more about the New Forest National Park

The Walking Festival is not just a great opportunity to explore the Park’s stunning surroundings, but the many walks will also allow you to learn more about the New Forest. Led by the New Forest National Park Authority and their partner organisations, the walks explore the Park’s history, landscape and wildlife. If there’s a particular aspect of the Park that you’d like to learn more about, look out for a dedicated walk, or get in touch with the Festival organisers for more information.

Choose your walk

The Walking Festival is designed to be family-friendly and there are plenty of different walks to choose from. Whether you’re a regular walker, a total beginner or you’ve got the little ones in tow, there’s sure to be a walk that will be suitable for you.

Throughout the festival, you can choose from the following types of walks:

  • Easy – The easy routes cover mainly flat, easy landscape, with a couple of gentle inclines. Taken at a gentle pace, the easy walks are perfect for beginners.
  • Leisurely – Leisurely routes include more varying terrain so expect a few more hills and uneven surfaces. They are, however, completed at a leisurely pace, so there’ll be plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings and observe the Park’s wildlife.
  • Moderate – If you’re looking for a long walk at a brisker pace, then a moderate walk is a great option. Perfect for reasonably active walkers and those with a reasonable level of fitness.

Get Involved!

The majority of the guided walks taking place as part of the Walking Festival are easily accessible by road or public transport. And, if you leave your car at home and arrive by bus, train, on foot or by bike, your walk will be free or discounted.

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