The big border crossing

Jake Brettle By Jake Brettle

Having just left school I was left at a loose end. What could I do with all the free time I now had? Find out what Jake Brettle is getting up to this summer and how you can get involved.

After much deliberation I settled on a big ride. 4 days up the Yorkshire Border and into the lakes.

I wanted more though... So I decided that I would choose a deserving charity to fund-raise for, while riding.

Overgate Hospice fit the bill perfectly, they're local to me and do amazing work.


I still had a passion I'd left out though. Photography. However, photos alone weren't cutting it for me so a documentary was thrown into the mix as well ('cause easy's not fun, right?).


I'll set off from my home and ride west towards Todmorden and the Yorkshire border, at the border I'll start to head north. Once I've reached the north-west corner of Yorkshire, I'll head in a westerly direction into the Lakes towards my end point in Kendal.

Bike on stairs

Zig-zagging in and out of Lancashire isn't going to be easy, and my separation from tea won't make it an easier; therefore, as well as trying to cross the border as many times as possible, I am also trying to scrounge as many cups of tea as possible from generous supporters.

A big part of the ride is raising as much money for Overgate as possible.

Jake with his bike

What is Overgate Hospice?

Overgate are dedicated to making sure their patients and those close to them, are able to have the best quality of life possible.

Overgate need £6800 a day to keep their doors open and continue doing their amazing work.

Treating everybody as an individual, Overgate take care of their patients physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs.

Much of the money that keeps Overgate open comes from donations by people like you so every pound donated is always appreciated and used to great effect.

What can I do?

To donate go to the ride's Just Giving page or if you want to support the ride in other ways, send me a message and I'll make sure to get back to you.

Out riding

If you ever see me out riding come say hello and bring me a brew (milk and two sugars) as it will keep me going on the long journey.

Jake Brettle By Jake Brettle


16 year old amateur mountain biker and photographer living in the South Pennines. Growing up, I was never any good at team sports so mountain biking was a perfect fit for me. In recent months I've taken to photography, allowing me to share my joy of riding with people all around the world in the form of photos and blogs. To get updates about the ride go check out the Instagram or my YouTube channel.