Six of the spookiest UK & Ireland walks

Give yourself an authentic fright night experience with these walks around the spookiest places in the UK!

Pendle Hill, Lancashire

It might have come to the nation’s attention following a segment on the television program ‘Most Haunted’, but Pendle Hill in Lancashire has been spooking locals and visitors for many years.

So what brought the TV crews here? Well, back in 1612 the area was notorious for many cases brought against alleged witches; it resulted in the hanging of ten people on Gallows Hill, near Williamson Park. There are many landmarks of the time which still stand to this day, such as Lancaster Castle where the alleged were incarcerated.

Lancaster Castle

Lancaster Castle

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

People have been climbing the hill every Halloween since, looking for sightings of the witches’ Sabbath meeting. When ‘Most Haunted’ shot their episode on Halloween back in 2004, the show’s presenter, Yvette Fielding, called it the scariest episode they had made.

Llandaff Ghost Walk

Graveyards, wooden lanes, dancing moonlight on the lake…talk about a creepy setting. The Llandaff Ghost Walk, in Llandaff just outside Cardiff, takes you through the history of a town with a violent past.

You know a tour is spooky when there’s not only a tour guide – in this case the brilliant John Hutch – but also a steward on hand to escort you back to the well-lit car park where the tour starts, should it all get a bit too much.

John’s stories are fantastic and genuinely chilling. Tales of people travelling to Llandaff to commit suicide; ghostly children watching from the trees; eerie figures luring in the shadows on wooden paths and behind the trees…throw in gothic cathedrals and cemeteries and it’s a sinister evening indeed.

Creepy Cardiff Ghost Tour

For a more organised and city-based slice of spooky fun, head to Cardiff once again. The ‘Creepy Cardiff Ghost Tour’ is considered one of the most informative and entertaining in the UK; it’s run by professional actor and tour guide David Thompson – a holder of the distinguished Wales Blue Badge.

While the walk is leisurely, the sights and stories are anything but. Hauntings, reincarnation, royal burials, dragons – there’s a great mix of mystery, myth, history and terror.

The tour sees you strolling through beautiful white stone buildings, the National Museum of Wales, and around Cathays Park – considered the jewel of Cardiff’s architectural crown.

A hit with everyone who walks it – especially the kids – the Creepy Cardiff Ghost Tour could be ideal for you and your family this Halloween.

Cardiff City Hall, image by Ainars Bruvelis

Cardiff City Hall, image by Ainars Bruvelis

Saint Nicholas Church, Puckley

Saint Nicholas Church, Puckley

Pluckley Village, Kent

Pluckley Village might very well be the UK’s most haunted, according to articles like this one. In fact, it had an entry in the 1989 Guinness Book of Records for being the “most haunted village in Britain”.

There are 12 famous ghost stories here:

  • The 18th century highwayman who was killed when hiding in a tree at Fright Corner has been allegedly seen re-enacting his death
  • The Gypsy or Watercress Woman who either set herself on fire or drowned in the stream has been seen on Pinnock Bridge as a misty figure
  • The last words of an 18th century farmer who shot himself, “I will do it”, are said to be heard whispered around the farmstead
  • The black silhouette which haunts the old windmill, closed back in 1930
  • The Red Lady seen in the churchyard of St Nicholas’s Church
  • The White Lady seen inside St Nicholas’s Church
  • The Lady of Rose Court who poisoned herself in despair over a love triangle has been seen around the village
  • The Screaming Man, who either drowned after falling into a clay pit or was suffocated by collapsing clay, can still be heard screaming at the village brickworks
  • The schoolmaster found hanging by children in Dicky Buss's Lane
  • The colonel who hanged himself in Park Wood
  • The phantom coach and horses has allegedly been heard and seen around the village as recently as 1997
  • The poltergeist at the Black Horse Inn

That’s a lot to get through in one night, so you might want to consider spending a spooky weekend here in Pluckley. It’s a pretty, peaceful village in the sunlight – you might even recognise it as the setting of the Darling Buds of May – but the graveyards, churches and woods become very spooky at night.

Charles Fort, Kinsale, Co Cork

The idyllic looking Charles Fort in Kinsale, County Cork, is a wonderful place to walk around during the day; but only the bravest go back at night.

It’s said to be haunted by the White Lady of Kinsale – a woman who committed suicide by throwing herself off the fort walls on her wedding day. Why did she did do it, you ask? Her beloved soldier husband had just been shot for falling asleep on duty.

Many soldiers have since reported seeing a lady dressed in white lingering around the fort, while others have even said they were pushed down the stairs by an unseen, unknown force.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get out on one of these sensational spooky walks. Do you have any more you’d like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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