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Spend more time outdoors this January

Tracy Purnell • Challenge • Jan 12, 2022 • 5 mins

Beat the January blues

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We live in such a fast-paced technology driven world, where demands on our time are high, we don’t seem to have the time to give our brains that much needed rest. Spending time outdoors and getting back to simplicity and nature helps us to feel refreshed and recharged.

Would you like get outside more this January and beat those January blues? Spending more time in the outdoors can also help us to lose those few extra pounds we find over the Christmas period from overindulging. Money can be in short supply throughout January so why commit to joining expensive gyms. The great outdoors is right there waiting for you to explore, to help you look and feel great. What are you waiting for!?

If your intensions of the New Year are to increase your time spent outdoors, here are a few tips to help you stay on target with your goal.

January walking getoutside 

1. Don't go it alone

Invite friends and family to meet outdoors for a catch up and a walk, it doesn’t have to be anything too adventurous or strenuous. A short leisurely stroll in a nice area and maybe a café or a pub on route to stop for a cuppa or refreshments.

Encourage friends and family to meet at regular times and days each week. Make it a routine, maybe to keep in touch or to help in fitness and wellbeing. You are much more likely to keep this routine if someone is waiting for you and less likely to cancel as you will not want to let them down.

2. Make it a hobby

Take things you enjoy doing into the outdoors. I love taking photographs, so this was easy to do outside. Maybe you enjoy cooking, why not try cooking outdoors? Take a portable stove or BBQ to the coast or to a picnic area within a forestry site. If you enjoy a certain sport, join a club or league. Making outdoor activity part of your routine will keep you happy and healthy outside all year.

3. Camp under the stars

Plan a camping trip, even if it’s just for the one night. Book the campsite in advance or find a suitable wild camping spot and enjoy planning for that one night. Invite friends and family, plan walks, games, food and drink. Much more fun and much less expensive than a night at a club, pub or restaurant. Camping in winter can be great fun, just make sure you layer up and bring a warm sleeping bag or bedding. If you'd rather wait until spring then planning a trip now will help keep you motivated and give you something to look forward to.

wild camping Janaury 

4. Try something new

Try new and exciting activities. Caving, kayaking, horse riding, abseiling, stand up paddle boarding etc. Book them in January for the spring or summer, you are then committed, and you will finally experience these activities you’ve always wanted to try.

canoing river january outside 

5. Set a challenge with realistic targets

It's a good idea to set yourself a challenge for the year or some smaller goals each month to help you get outside. Don’t be too hard on yourself and stick to realistic goals. Life can become extremely busy and sometimes its difficult to avoid important commitments. Don’t be too strict or ridged with your goals as you be more likely to fail at your intention.

If your hours outdoors start to decrease, don’t give up on what you are trying to achieve, be mindful of this and try and improve the following week. Set challenges such as Walk 1000 Miles, RED January and future races/events will help keep you motivated.

Tracy Purnell is an avid mountain walker, photographer and trig pillar obsessive.

Published: Jan 12, 2022 Edited: Jan 20, 2022

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