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What could you do with an hour a day?

Challenge yourself to #OneHourOutside a day

Zoe Homes By Zoe Homes

Join GetOutside champion Zoe Homes in discovering more of your local area with your own #OneHourOutside challenge.

We all know that getting outside is good for us. There are so many reasons why we should be making an effort to spend as much time outdoors as possible – fresh air and natural light is good for our body, our mind, and possibly most importantly, our soul.

But how good are we at making sure we get time outdoors every day? Even speaking as one of this year’s Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champions,I don’t always manage to spend more than a handful of minutes without a roof over my head in each 24 hour period.

Zoe (right) with fellow GetOutside Champion Kerry Meek

Following the success of #OneHourOutside in February, I'm encouraging you to do the same for June. Getting your hour in June should be easy, shouldn’t it?! This month brings the longest days of the year, nice warm summery temperatures (potentially!), and plenty of opportunities for walking and barbecues and play parks and outdoor swimming pools and whatever else you fancy.

Your challenge, no, your mission (should you choose to accept it…) is very simple:

Spend at least one hour outside every day in June

One Hour Outside is about spending at least one hour outside every day in June. While some of you may already find this super easy thanks to your line of work or the fact your dog insists on really long walks each day, the vast majority of people have to decide to go out, and it’s often easier to not bother. This challenge asks you to bother.

It would be best for our personal wellbeing if we could manage that hour outside in daylight hours, I realise that could be next to impossible, and so I’m not going to specify that (maybe later in the year!). I also don’t mind if you have to split it into two, three or four smaller bits of time – four lots of 15 minutes will do fine if you can’t manage a whole hour in one go. Just as long as you spend at least one hour without any kind of roof above your head, then I’m happy.

It doesn't matter what you want to what you do in your hour – walk, run, cycle, skateboard, rush around town running errands (but time in shops doesn’t count – ha!), go geocaching, climb trees, chase butterflies (someone tell me if they are around at this time of year?!), get out on a lake in a boat, go fishing, sit and drink a flask of tea while your kids play in the park, sleep under the stars, or anything else that takes your fancy. There are SO many activities to choose from!

Share your pictures on social media with the hashtag #OneHourOutside

If you’re taking part in the challenge, tell us in the comments below. I’ll be keeping an eye on the hashtag #OneHourOutside over on Twitter and Instagram, and don’t forget to tag me @Splodz to let me know how you’re getting on.

You can also tag @OSLeisure and #GetOutside if you want more people to hear about your challenge!

If you need some extra inspiration, check out the range of guides on GetOutside or discover walking routes near you on OS Maps.

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OS Maps is available on your desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Zoe Homes By Zoe Homes


Zoe is one of the OS GetOutside Champions for 2017. She is a co-founder of Outdoor Bloggers, and writes her adventures at Splodz Blogz.