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GetOutside more with OS Greenspace

It's not always easy to find new places to enjoy the outdoors, especially in urban areas. The new OS Greenspace layer now available for free in OS Maps is a great new way to discover greenspaces near you!

Finding ways to GetOutside just got easier

The free OS Greenspace map layer has been added to the hugely popular OS Maps, in both the web and app versions. It shows publicly accessible recreational and leisure greenspaces across Great Britain to help people and their families reconnect with nature and the outdoors, which is scientifically proven to benefit both health and wellbeing.

The launch of the new greenspaces layer was led by TV presenter, adventurer and OS GetOutside Champion Ben Fogle. He said “The new map layer on OS Maps is an excellent tool to find greenspaces and other leisure facilities in towns, cities and neighbourhoods. The great thing is that you don’t always have to travel out into rural areas and national parks to enjoy the outdoors, we all have some wonderful green spaces right on our doorsteps. The new OS Maps Greenspace layer, which is free to use, will help everyone find new local places to enjoy and explore and ultimately help create healthier lifestyles.

“Great Britain is packed full of amazing places which we can all enjoy. There should really be no excuses why we can’t all get outside.”

Ben Fogle with #GetOutside sign

"You don’t always have to travel out into rural areas and national parks to enjoy the outdoors, we all have some wonderful green spaces right on our doorsteps."

Ben Fogle, OS GetOutside Champion

Nick Giles, Consumer Managing Director of Ordnance Survey, adds: “I am delighted that the millions of people who are using the OS Maps application to plan their outdoor adventures now have access to the valuable greenspace mapping. This opens up exploration right on your doorstep and shows local areas that you may not have even thought of exploring. We are committed to making outdoor activity enjoyable, accessible and safe to all and this new map brings in an exciting urban feature which will benefit everyone, there really is no excuse not to not create your own adventures right from your own front door.”

What can you do with OS Greenspace?

  • Look for a local park or play area you've never visited
  • Plan a walking, running or cycling route that links as many greenspaces as you can
  • Look for a greenspace near your work and have your lunch break outdoors
  • Go on an urban wildlife hunt
  • Discover a new dog walking route

For further information and inspiration on how to make the most of the British outdoors visit GetOutside/Greenspaces, or get started right now with OS Greenspaces on the web or your mobile device.

Some of the OS team that worked on the OS Greenspace project with GetOutside Champion Ben Fogle

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