GetOutside Champion: Jessie Leong

Jessie is a professional Adventure Photographer and lives for the outdoors.

Photographing people's stories in the outdoors is just one of her many reasons to get outside, exploring some of the UK's vast mountainous landscapes, often in challenging and mixed conditions.

From chasing fickle Scottish Winter conditions to pursuing the next tick trad climbing at her local crag in the Peak District, Jessie's passion is about taking outdoor adventure to the max. Whilst conditions for snow, ice and rock may change, it's her continued enthusiasm for reaching out & welcoming like-minded folk to join her on her next mountain adventure.

When she’s not carrying her camera kit for her next expedition, Jessie will be concentrating on pursuing her own outdoor experience in hiking, climbing, mountain biking (and the occasional odd moment of wild swimming!)

Jessie Leong

Jessie Leong

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