GetOutside Champion: Yvonne Witter

Yvonne is passionate about the countryside and motivating others to GetOutside.

Yvonne is a self motivator and a natural leader who shares her love of the outdoors with others to make a difference to their lives. She challenges herself to explore, by walking, cycling and running.

Yvonne feels connected to the natural world when she leaves her workplace and goes for a run or a walk in the local park or countryside. It helps her to unwind, relax and digest the aroma of different seasons to recharge for a new day.

Yvonne Witter

Yvonne Witter

She's a determined person who starts a challenging adventure and always cross the finish line. Pursuing running and cycling helps reduce her anxiety of achieving great things, further than simply visiting the local park. When Yvonne started running and cycling she created new opportunities to explore and be adventurous at her own speed in her own way.

Yvonne wants to continue her adventures, do more to engage with communities to be more active and create events and adventures to get them enjoying the great outdoors!

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