GetOutside Champion: Sarah Outen

​Sarah Outen is an adventurer by land and sea, bestselling author and motivational speaker.

Sarah Outen is well known for her record-breaking journeys, most notably her 4.5 year 25,000 mile row, cycle and kayak around the Northern Hemisphere. Driven by curiosity, seeking immersion Sarah’s a lover of shorter journeys too – it’s all about spirit, not form for Sarah. Having spent over a year of her life solo on ocean rowing voyages, her favourite place in the world is the mid ocean, joint with Alaska. For the UK, the Hebrides wins, though living just below the Ridgeway in Oxfordshire makes that a current favourite spot, too.

Author of two books, Sarah is currently making a film of her London2London Via the World journey (due for release Autumn 2018).

Sarah Outen

Sarah Outen

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