GetOutside Champion: Nigel Vardy

Nigel Vardy was born of the outdoors. His childhood was built on farming, working in the countryside and exploring his native Derbyshire.

Childhood Catarrh almost put paid to any exercise, until the doctor prescribed ‘plenty of fresh air’. He has never looked back…

Nigel’s international adventures are the stuff of legend, with numerous international climbs, jungle crossings and relief work. He loves to feel the wind on his face and the sun in his eyes.

Wherever he travels though, Nigel always loves to come home to Derbyshire. He collects maps and has an extensive library of original mountaineering books.

Severe frostbite took his fingers and toes, but Nigel continues to explore not only the world around him, but his own body as he continues on life’s great adventure.

Nigel Vardy

Nigel Vardy

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