GetOutside Champion: Glyn Dodwell

"It's better to be on the hill – than over the hill."

Glyn has been a hill-walker for over 50 years, walking all over the world but particularly in Wales, Scotland and Lake District. His love for the outdoors started as a young Scout, before joining the RAF and training in combat survival.

Having turned 60, Glyn was surprised to see how little encouragement there is to get the 'older generation' out walking. And despite suffering from arthritis, back pain and a stroke 4 years ago, he is a determined Champion for the greater involvement of over 60's in hill-walking.

To benefit a wider audience, this year he has launched the CanTheCar Initiative. This social media project actively encourages kids to walk to school, and adults to walk to the shops or work.

Glyn Dodwell

Glyn Dodwell

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