GetOutside Champion: Bel Dixon

“Bel, are you always grinning?!” “No. That’s mostly when I GetOutside.”

A travel (Lonely Planet) and adventure writer and BBC broadcaster, Bel Dixon is also a Media Leader with the youth development charity British Exploring. That’s seen her trekking the Himalayas, paddling Canadian rivers and watching the Northern Lights dance.

But Bel believes close-to-home adventures also make us feel alive. So she loves swimming across bays, climbing Cornish sea-cliffs, kayaking around islands, riding winter waves, bivvying under Dartmoor’s stars. Bel feels the outdoors makes us happier and healthier. More connected with our world, ourselves and with loved ones and friends. She thinks big hills make our problems seem smaller and wide horizons broaden the mind. A beginner in many activities, Bel adores the adventures that start when you GetOutside.

Bel Dixon

Bel Dixon

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