GetOutside Champion: Beki Cadd

Beki Cadd (aka Miss Wheezy) is out to prove that having asthma needn’t hold you back from leading an active life.

With a degree in geoscience and a healthy obsession with rocks, she loves getting outside and getting sweaty and muddy.

Having struggled with asthma all her life, just five years ago Beki couldn’t puff and pant further than the end of her road. However, after discovering a passion for the outdoors all that has changed. She has since run numerous half marathons, cycled 100 mile bike races, hiked mountains, kayaked, climbed and generally taken on any challenge thrown her way!

A huge lover of camping - no matter the weather - getting outside offers Beki the opportunity to recharge her batteries and get some headspace. One of her favourite past-times is sitting outside her tent with a cup of tea, just admiring the spectacular British scenery.

Beki Cadd

Beki Cadd

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