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Get Outside by 'Walking home for Christmas'

Ordnance Survey is supporting military charity Walking With the Wounded, in its annual mass-participation campaign ‘Walking Home for Christmas’. The campaign raises money to help people who leave the Armed Forces to transition back into society and sustain their independence.

We all enjoy getting outside in the fresh air, doing whatever activity it is that we enjoy, but for some of us, as the colder, darker weather is drawing in, we may need a bit more persuasion to GetOutside. So, how about doing a sponsored walk to raise money for charity?

Last year Kristian Smith, from the Portfolio Office in OS, supported ‘Walking home for Christmas’, and walked a staggering 43 miles from Southampton to Marlborough in Wiltshire! Taking 12 hours 30 minutes to complete, Kristian fully embraced the challenge. But, don’t worry, yours doesn’t need to be quite as ambitious – any walk helps get the cause known and raise money. You can read about Kristian’s walk here.

“The beauty of this event is always the variety of walks from the people who take part. You don’t have to drive to the hills to have an adventure. It is a great opportunity to look at a map of your local area, phone a friend and plan a frosty amble home, whilst raising valuable funds to support our wounded back into independence and employment.”

Andy Sloan, event manager for Walking Home For Christmas

All you have to do is register or sign up to do a walk, create a just giving page, and then plan your walk. Everyone taking part in the campaign benefits from a month’s free OS maps subscription to plan their walk. You can ask people to donate, or sign up to do their own walk, then complete your walk anytime from Friday 8 to Sunday 17 December.

“Everything we do at Ordnance Survey is focused around helping more people to get outside more often. We are passionate about encouraging more outdoor activity and Walking Home For Christmas is a great way to get outside and explore this fantastic country."

Nick Giles, Managing Director of Ordnance Survey Leisure

Need inspiration? See Kristian's walk home from OS HQ or #GetOutside ambassador Sean Conway who last year supported Adam Conlon on his run home from Bath to Belfast.

Sign up now, and get walking!