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We're passionate about helping people play in the outdoors.

So we hope this 'flying disc' helps you rekindle the sense of play with your friends and family. And maybe encourage a new generation to enjoy being outside.

OS have been mapping Great Britain for over 228 years. But to us it's more than just mapping, it's about the freedom a map gives you, the adventures and the enjoyment.

So this summer, why not take every opportunity to GetOutside.

Flying disc game ideas

Looking for some fun ideas to do your flying disc? Here’s a selection for games for all ages.

Stepper: for 2+ people

Start of a couple of steps apart and throw the disc to each other. When you successfully catch it, take a step back. If you miss, take a step forward. See how far apart you can get!

Speed catch: for 2+ people

Use a stopwatch or your phone and pick a relatively short time, like one minute. See how many successful catches you can do inside the time limit. If you have enough people, split into teams and see who can get the best score.

Pin Seeker: for 1+ people

Put a stick into the ground, or pick a thin tree. From a set throw point, try to hit the tree. Most hits in ten tries is the winner!

Disc Boules: for 1+ people, multiple discs needed

Throw a marker such as a stone or pine cone, and then try to land your disk on it. Take turns to throw; the closest wins a point, landing on it wins three points. First to 15 wins.

OS flying disc in a hedge

Disk football: for 3+ people

If you find a set of unused goal posts in your local park, give this one a go. One person is the goalkeeper, and is defending. All others are attacking, with the aim of getting the disk past the keeper into the goal. Attackers can intercept the disk in flight or pick it up off the ground, but once they hold the disk have to stop moving and throw. Once you score, it’s your turn to be the goalkeeper.

As a variation, if you have enough players you can split into teams of two or three that work together to score.

Disk rounders: for 6+ people

Similar to rounders, split into two teams – throwers and fielders. The thrower throw the disk forwards, then run around four bases. The fielders try to catch the disk in flight (putting the thrower out immediately), or get it to the base in front of them while they are running. Throwers are able to stop at any base, and must stop when the disk reaches the next base in the circuit. If two throwers end up on the same base, the second one it out.

Throwers team gets a point for each person that gets all the way round, and once they are all out, swap roles.

Tin can alley: for 1+ players

Line up your empty bottles or cans on a wall or fence and try to knock them off. Remember to recycle them afterwards.

Challenge accepted: 2+ players

First player makes a challenge, such as reaching a particular distance or hitting a specific tree, then has to do it. If they are successful, all the others have to try the same throw. Take it in turns to be the challenger. See what interesting challenges you can invent!

Folding your OS flying disc

You disc comes with a handy little pouch that makes it small enough to slip in a pocket. Here's how to get it back in!

  1. Hold both sides of the disc
  2. Twist them in opposite directions to create a figure-eight shape
  3. Squeeze then together as you continue to twist the same direction to reduce it to a circle
  4. Stuff it back in the pouch
Folding your flying disc

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