15 gift ideas for outdoors enthusiasts

Stef Jackson-Horner By Stef Jackson-Horner

#GetOutside champion and competitive triathlete, Stef Jackson-Horner, picks some of her favourite gift ideas for Christmas

Finally all the ideas you need for all the adventurers, runners and generally sporty folk in your life all in one place.

Christmas time can be so hectic everything somehow gets super busy and as if your life wasn’t busy enough on a daily basis with work, family and actually trying to live, you now have to find from somewhere that extra little slot of time to find presents. This will save you that last ounce of stress; look no further Christmas is sorted, done and dusted

1. The Proviz reflect 360

The daddy of all reflective jackets. Long gone are the days of the little reflective strip across a fluro yellow coat. I have seen these from a car drivers perspective and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say they lit up brighter than my car lights! How that is even possible I do not know.

Even better news it that they come in all different combinations so you are bound to find the perfect one for you: men’s, womens, long sleeve, vests, cycling, running, outdoor they are amazing! Buy here.

2. Berghaus Asgard Hybrid Women's Down Jacket

Stay warmer for longer with Berghaus' innovative body mapped 700 fill goose Hydrodown. Berghaus have packed the down in just where we need it to keep warn and at only £49.99 from sportsshoes.com, it’s a brilliant piece of kit at a superb pric.

3. Oboz Walking Shoe - Mens and Womans

Oboz isn’t the biggest brand in the outdoor market, however they have made a really great shoe with this one. Both the men’s and woman’s versions come in a range of colours and styles and are bang up-to-date combining bright colours with good technical specifications.

4. Asolo GTX

These boots really are the king (or queen) of all boots. If you haven’t tried Asolo now is the time to get them on your Christmas list. Both my husband and I have had Asolo walking boots for as long as I can remember.

In the time our ‘walking mates’ have been through two or three pairs of others but ours are both still going strong. Fully water proof, super comfy, light and flexible they are brilliant, I have even ran 3 miles in mine (unplanned may I add) but no sore ankles or blisters here!

5. Inov8 Tri-X-Treme 245

If you are a female triathlete, circuit/ HIIT enthusiast, or cross fitter you need these in your life. These are my go-to shoe, as well as my trusted race shoe. The solid sturdy sole is brilliant for the beating shoes get at circuit style training whilst being perfectly flexible for the shock absorption needed while running. Inov8 have put a wide foot hole in these - making them really easy to get on when your feet are wet in transition and also have cleverly positioned drainage channels in the sole allowing water to drain out as you run; preventing the blisters pooling of water causes. How clever is that?!

What’s even better for when you put these at the top of your Christmas list this year is they are less than £30 from sportsshoes.com!

6. ASICS FUJI Lightweight Backpack

I do love a good trainer but enough of the shoes for now, this backpack is an item taken straight from my own Christmas list itself.

Lightweight, small and body hugging, it’s the perfect pack for a trail run or one of those walks where it’s just you, a waterproof and your map.

Mesh straps ensures the wearer is well ventilated, and if that wasn’t enough the fabric is water repellent keeping your valuables safe from sweat and rain.

7. Skins A400 Thermal Range

Another favourite out of all the kit I own and something I wear all winter long - at school, to races, up mountains and for training.

This top is a fantastic fit which is comfortable both against the skin and as part of your layering system. Something I would buy time and time again, brilliantly warm and versatile. If you are in need of a decent thermal layer but want to avoid having to fork out on one that let you down when you need it most, this is the one.

8. Buff – Anything from Buff, anything at all!

Despite the increase in popularity of bubble hats all over the world, I am still all over Buff. The Buff range is ever growing and now covers everything from colourful woollen bobble hats to merino tube scarfs.

An essential bit of kit for any adventurer whatever the time of year.

9. Inov-8 Rain Cover Small Backpack Cover

Another item pinched from my own Christmas list this year. The perfect stoking filler for any outdoorsy loved one in your life. At only a fiver from sportsshoes.com (for the small size), this is a brilliant addition to any adventurers’ kit. Stuff this cover in your pocket and in the likely chance (lets be honest this is England) it rains while you’re out it’s at hand to save your valuables. A perfect bargain.

10. Helly Hansen Wool Graphic Women's Running Pant

Take a look at the beauties! 100% merino wool to help you to keep warm and allow sweat to wick away from the body. The fabric is slightly moisture repellent (keratin fibers are hydrophobic at one end and hydrophilic at the other), allowing the user to avoid the feeling of wetness.

Helly Hansen have a huge range of patterns out at the moment and matching tops available to complete the look.

11. Over Board 20 Litre Dry Tube

Dry bags are an essential in any outdoor kit, have a few sizes in your repertoire and you’ll never be without one. I have lost count of the times dry bags have saved by bacon (sometimes literally) and prevented a very miserable soggy night’s sleep.

This is a great set at a great price from sportsshoes.com 3 bags for only £15.99.

Only downside of keeping all your kit in dry bags all the time is unless you are super organised it can be really hard to actually remember in which bag you packed your stuff. Add a window; Genius!! Problem solved.

12. Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

As much as it is sometimes nice to go off the grid and ignore those calls and texts it’s not always practical. I love how this comes in a camo skin, as if it will blend in with its surroundings, let’s hope it’s not so hidden it gets lost. The Goal Zero Nomad also boasts a great feature of being able to charge two items at once with the different panel or choose to combine the power and speed up the process.


13. Aquasphere Polarized Kayenne Goggles

Whether you are buying for an open water swimmer, once a month pool swimmer or world champion, these are the best goggles you can hope to find. Again this is speaking from experience as it is something I own numerous pairs of.

Kayennes provide a fantastic leak free fit and come in men’s and women’s specialised shape, polarized, coloured or clear lenses and a range of colours. Their larger lenses provide a 180 degree visibility keeping you aware of your surroundings at all times preventing the disorientation that can come with swimming particularly when in open water.

14. North Face Tent Booties 700

Again one of my favourite items of kit and something myself and my husband have both owned for many years and have no intent on replacing any time soon.

These booties come complete with a slightly stiffer sole than you would expect to see on a standard slipper allowing them to be worn outdoors and are packed with real down keep your feet toasty warm in the coldest of conditions. These are a lifesaver when camping and are always at the top of my ‘to pack list’.

15. OS Custom Made maps

If you are still looking for gift ideas for family and friends, try a personalised gift with a Custom Made map from OS.

Custom Made maps make the ideal gift for people who love the outdoors and have a passion for adventure. With a personalised map, you can surprise a walker or fitness fanatic by:

  • Centring the map wherever you like in the country
  • Adding your own photo for the front cover and titles

Stef Jackson-Horner By Stef Jackson-Horner