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Camping fails revisited

Jonathan Elder By Jonathan Elder

I wrote an article on useless camping gear a while ago, and got an interesting email about generators, so thought we should follow up.

You may have read the article from last summer titled 20 useless bits of camping gear, which went through some of the things that have no place on a campsite. Following it, I had a nice email from Rachel of SGS saying that she thought my initial comments about people who take generators camping were a little unfair. I said:

"[Generators] have no place on a campsite, where running a petrol engine for hours every day may slightly annoy the other campers."

Rachel said I should look at a range of super silent generators by Hyundai - the HY1000SI, HY2000SI and HY3200SEI. They boast being only 60dB at 7 metres away. For comparison 60dB is about the same as 'quiet conversation'. That's pretty quiet, at least during the day.

I've not been able to borrow one of these generators to test (they are a little expensive for that!), but they did send a link to a video:

So what do you think: do quiet generators have a place on a campsite? Or should all electronics be confiscated at the gate? Tell us in the comments below!

With thanks to Rachel of SGS Enginerring. If you are interested you can see their range of generators and inverters here.

Jonathan Elder By Jonathan Elder


Jonathan works for Ordnance Survey, mostly looking after the online shop. He is incapable of going camping without forgetting something.