Autumn family festivals

With the end of the summer holidays in sight, here are four family friendly festivals for you to try. Better yet, you will have a chance to meet #GetOutside Champions, The Meek Family. Find out what these festivals have to offer.

If you had to wipe off dew from your car this morning, you can be forgiven for thinking that summer is finally drawing to a close. All the fun of the holidays, the beach days, the country walks, the pub lunches and the festivals will soon be a fond memory surely? Not necessarily. Autumn brings new sights and sounds and there's no need to think that festivals are purely a summer thing.

#GetOutside champions Tim, Kerry, Ella and Amy Meek are heading to the best of the Autumn festivals for families and outdoor lovers alike, here are their top four festivals and you can meet the family at them!

Autumn Family Festivals

Ella and Amy Meek talking with the crowds at the outdoor festivals


This three day festival is set in the grounds of the William Gladstone library; with such a literary setting this is, of course, one for the bookworm, celebrating a mixture of authors.

If books aren't your thing though, there's still plenty for the more active and creative minded among you. Let the Meeks show you how to make a mini raft in their bush craft workshop, or for the budding artists among the kids, Ella and Amy will be giving a few hints and tips for drawing animals in their workshop.

When: Friday 2 to Saturday 3 September
Where: Church Lane, Hawarden, CH5 3DF
Find out more: Gladfest website



The Good Life Experience

Another festival in the William Gladstone residence grounds in Hawarden, this festival is all about the great outdoors. From fairground rides and stalls, to campfire talks demonstrations and workshops there is something for everyone here.

The Meeks will be running a beginner's map reading workshop with the chance to try out your new skills on their treasure hunt, prizes will include a range of Ordnance Survey goodies!

The girls will also be talking about the Clear Plastic UK campaign, raising awareness on the negative impact of single use plastic and littering on our beautiful countryside. They will also be using their water table to demonstrate the importance of reusing (and where possible) avoiding plastic which anyone can come along and look at over the weekend.

When: Friday 16 to Sunday 18 September
Where: Hawarden Estate, Chester Road, Hawarden, Flintshire, CH5 3EB
Find out more: The Good Life Experience website

The Good Life Experience festival

The Good Life Experience

South West Outdoor Festival (National Trust)

This brand new festival from the National Trust is all about getting active and being inspired in the outdoors. With films, music, sporting events, outdoor activities, workshops and inspirational speakers there won't be a dull moment here!

The Meeks will again be running a bush craft workshop making mini-rafts and cordage (bracelets) from natural materials, as well as doing a talk on how to get out and make the most of family adventures.

When: Friday 23 to Sunday 25 September
Where: Heddon Valley, Parracombe, Barnstable, Devon, EX31 4PY
Find out more: South West Outdoor Festival website

South West Outdoor Festival

South West Outdoor Festival


YEStival is built on adventurer Dave Cornthwaite's 'Say Yes More' philosophy and is entering its second year. This big camp out will be shared with lots of like-minded adventurers sharing stories and doing workshops.

Amy and Ella will again be talking about their Clear Plastic UK campaign with the water table available for demonstrations. the will also be doing a 'Dream Camp' for the young campers, giving interviews, leading workshops and playing games!

When: Friday 21 to Sunday 23 October
Where: Chichester College, Brinsbury Campus, North Heath, Pulborough, RH20 1DL
Find out more: YEStival website



Bonus talks from the Meeks with Ellis Brigham

On top of all these festivals the Meeks will be doing talks with Ellis Brigham. The talks, entitled "Screw work (and school); it's time for family EdVenture" aim to offer advice and insights from their life of EdVenture.

The talks will cover topics such as:

  • how to focus on the 5-9 rather than the 9-5
  • why kids need to get out more
  • why disposable time is so valuable
  • how to make the most of living for the weekends
  • how to make the most of mini 'big' adventures

Find out how choosing to live a different life has offered opportunities that would never have seemed possible before.

Find out more: Ellis Brigham website

When: 7pm - 8pm Wednesday 14 September
Where: Ellis Brigham Store, Castlefield

When: 7.30pm - 9pm Wednesday 21 September
Where: Racks Bar and Grill, Bristol

Find out more about the Meeks festival goings on from the Meeks themselves on their website: The Meek's website