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10 short n’ sweet adventures from your front door

Emma Frampton By Emma Frampton

Living in the UK, we don’t have to go far to find green spaces and natural watering spots. Even those of us living in big cities! So we can have loads of short n’ sweet adventures from our front-door.

So open up your local paper map, find your nearest green space and pick one of the adventures below.

Wild Flowers

1.Pub Hike

Because who doesn’t love a pub… we are Brits after all!?

2. Eye-Spy Hike

See how many different flora & fauna you can spot! If you want to eat anything, make sure you know what’s safe!

3. Night Hike

Grab your head torch and go for a night-time hike. It’s amazing how different the same landscape looks at night, the wildlife that comes out at night and how your senses wake up. Just make sure you pick a route that you know well, or you’re equipped with the right navigation/mountain skills.

4. Highest Point Hike

Hike to the highest point in your area, such as Parliament Hill in central London, Box Hill or Leith Hill in Surrey, Coombe Hill in the Chilterns.

5. Picnic

Grab your favourite picnic delights and eat it outdoors!

6. Watch a sunset

Watching the sunset (or sunrise) is one of the most accessible things to do, no matter where you live. Combine this with idea 5 to have a really enjoyable experience!

7. Climb a tree

Climb a big tree in your local park or green space. It feels like such a simple thing but a great way to channel your inner child, as well as practice basics skills (balance, coordination).

Picnic in Green Park

8. Star-gazing

Pick a clear night and enjoy the simple act of looking up at the sky, and star-gazing.

9. Wild Camping

Swap your bed indoors for a night surrounded by nature, and head to your favourite wild camping or campsite spot. Here's some tips on how to choose a wild camping spot.

10. Wild Swimming

There’s nothing more refreshing than a wild swim and even in London, there are loads of accessible spots. Check out the Serpentine Lido in Hyde Park and the Mixed/Ladies/Mens Bathing ponds in Hampstead Heath.

Emma Frampton By Emma Frampton


Emma is a co-founder of Adventure Queens, explorer of London & beyond, hiker and cyclist.

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