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OS GetOutside Champions • Other outdoor sports & activities • Sep 29, 2000 • 5 mins

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Kippa the adventure dog

OS GetOutside Champion Sue Barrett

Kipper is a small dog with little legs but boundless enthusiasm and energy for walking and sniffing out new places. Particularly enjoys Trig Point baggging.

Kathmandu the travelling cat

OS GetOutside Champions Andy and Gee

Kat tends to come everywhere with us! She has travelled all over the UK with us in our van (yes, even on the ferry to Mull!), and she absolutely loves it. She adores walking with us and exploring new places, including waterfalls and lakes (but the sea is a little bit noisy sometimes). She is harness trained and knows several commands, which makes it easier to travel with her. We also have a special cat backpack for when she gets tired and also for her safety, as well as a little GPS tracker and flashing light so that we can know where she is at all times.

Kathmandu likes: Van trips. Forests. Fluffy blankets. Treats.

Kathmandu dislikes: Strangers. Someone else using her fluffy blanket.

adventure cat Kathmandu​ 

Kathmandu​ walking the woods

Taking your cat with you

Cats really can make fantastic adventure companions, but it's not right for every cat. If you're considering adventuring with your cat, make sure you take it at your cats pace and not yours, and let your cat lead you on your adventures. It really has been one of the best decisions we've made though!

Gus the exploring horse

OS GetOutside Champion Phillipa Cherryson

I love heading out into the hills with Gus. We both enjoy going out with a saddlebag for the day. Our favourite mountain is the Blorenge, near Abergavenny, where we take in the views. But quiet country lanes, woodland tracks and big open fields for a lung opening canter are also our other favourites.

Gus likes: Stopping for a lunch break - I get my flask and sandwiches and Gus gets to graze

Gus dislikes: Pheasants, plastic bags and anything shiny in the hedgerows!

OS GetOutside Champion

Neko the cat in a harness

OS GetOutside Champions The Hauxwell Family

Neko waits by the front door to be kitted up with her harness and jacket when she wants to join us on a family adventure. Neko loves joining in on family walks and stopping to watch the local Shetland wildlife with us. Her favourite thing to do is run and jump through the smaller burns (Water streams) and play in the gentle waves on the beach.

neko adventure pet

Neko enjoying sunset

If Neko is due her catnap when we are out as a family she likes to jump up on Brynns wheelchair and settle in his lap or on trickier walks she likes to get carried in her back pack with her blanket where she can have a quick snooze.

Neko likes: Streams, the beach and sea, hills, shiny things and playing fetch

Neco dislikes: Heavy Rain and wind, being ignored or being left behind

Published: Sep 29, 2000 Edited: Oct 12, 2021

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Published: Sep 29, 2000 Edited: Oct 12, 2021

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