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A winter camping adventure

Would you try it?

Shell Grayston (Get Out With The Kids) By Shell Grayston (Get Out With The Kids)

Join Get Out With The Kids for a winter camping microadventure – would you be tempted to GetOutside and try it?

February, to me, is one of those in-between months.

The depths of winter feel behind us, and the joys of spring are just around the corner.

So would you go camping in February? Here in the UK, we only have a few hot sunny weekends, so waiting for that perfect weather to go camping can sometimes never happen.

On a February weekend, we decided to pack up the tent, sleeping bags and head away for a little winter microadventure.

Ok, camping in winter are we mad? Probably yes! But it's good to try something different now and then, and the challenge of a winter camp was met enthusiastically by the family.

With the car loaded up with our gear, we headed off to find a campsite that was open. On arrival at the campsite, the owner cheerful informed us that we were the only campers and we had the site to ourselves with very limited facilities.

No problem. Back to basics is how we like it!

The campsite we had chosen was very rural on the Shropshire Welsh border. We pitched our little tent in a position to admire the beautiful view.

Tom proceeded with his favourite job: sorting out the sticks and logs for the campfire. It was lovely to see his enthusiasm and enjoyment. This is why we go camping; it's for moments like this.

With the camp set up, we got organised for tea. Just something simple but warm!

Our big pot bubbled over the roaring campfire, as we sat round the fire chatting and watching the glowing flames light up the dark sky.

'No Mum, this is my campfire'

When you are camping you have to live by nature's clock, so relatively early we retired to our tent. With three of us in a small tent and good quality sleeping bags, it was warm and snug. Quietness descended on the camp as we all drifted off to sleep.

As the sun sets...

By morning our view had mysteriously disappeared since fog and frost had descended on our camp.

Quickly on with the kettle for a much-needed cuppa or two! Followed by a simple breakfast eaten out of mess tins, which we devoured in minutes like hungry gannets! A buzzard circled above us, and a friendly Robin joined us for morning camp duties.

After breakfast, we packed up camp and set off for home. Our little microadventure had come to an end, so would we do it again?

Well, yes camping in cold weather adds to the adventure. We felt like real adventurers who had survived a mission in the deepest depth of winter.

Seeing Tom embrace the experience and learn from it made it all worthwhile. The scenery in winter may not be so lovely as summer, but the barren landscape is beauty in its own right and there to be enjoyed.

So GetOutside, wrap up warm and have yourself a wild winter adventure in the wilderness.

Shell Grayston (Get Out With The Kids) By Shell Grayston (Get Out With The Kids)


Shell is a co-founder of the outdoor website Get Out With The Kids and is an OS GetOutside champion. She is a busy working mum to three kids and loves getting out and about with them, having fun and trying new things.