91 and still getting outside

Anna Humphries By Anna Humphries

GetOutside Champion Anna Humphries, helped her Grandad reach the summit of Snowdon. In fact, he celebrated his 91st birthday at the top! He's living live to the full and proving that age doesn't need to be a barrier in getting outside.

Fred at the waterfall

Since Grandad lost his wife (my Nana) in August 2017, he has made a conscious effort to life his life to the full! He doesn’t want to give up.

He told me he had always wanted to stand at the Summit of Snowdon but never saw himself get there.

“I’ve always wanted to do this and never thought it would be possible. I’m lucky enough to have my health and my granddaughters went to some extent to get me here so I wasn’t going to not reach the top! I was determined!"

Fred at the top of Snowdon

So a few months ago I decided to book us a ticket on the Snowdon Railway. I picked him up today at 8am from Worcester, my sister and I drove him to Snowdonia, we took the 12pm train and hit the summit at 1pm.

He was on his hands and feet up the final steps, absolutely determined to reach the top!

"I made it here because of my family and I’m so lucky that I have them. What a way to celebrate my 91st birthday. Let’s see what next year brings!"

Fred and his granddaughters at the top of Snowdon

We were met with birthday cake and tea in the cafe before heading back down on the train. The railway team were fabulous and got everyone singing happy birthday to him on his journey back down!

"Whatever happens I’m living life to the full with those I love. I’m not extraordinary, just an ordinary old man with love in my heart”

Birthday cake and tea in the cafe

It was a memorable day for my Grandad and I hope this is a huge inspiration for others to #GetOutside. It’s not always your age that stops you- this proves its attitude!

Anna Humphries By Anna Humphries


Anna is an adventurous mountaineer, Scout leader, DofE Instructor and survival expert.

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