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8 tips for microadventures

Tiso • Inspiration • Sep 23, 2021 • 10 mins

Mini adventures from your front door

If you need some inspiration for your next microadventure, then look no further! The team at Tiso tell us how they like to enjoy the great outdoors and offer their top tips to help you add microadventures to your routine.

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Depending on your definition of the word, life is full of “microadventures”. The term originated to describe short, simple, and local adventures that provide excitement to our increasingly busy lives.

The great outdoor offers a place to switch off and have a laugh. Even after a hectic day at work, a simple walk afterwards can make such a positive difference to your mood. Sure, we love to go on multi-day hikes to explore the highlands, but we appreciate local microadventures equally as much. So, whether your microadventure is the weekly walk to the shops or is an impulsive dip in the sea at the weekend, there are plenty ways to add exciting adventures to your routine without having to overcomplicate things.

Here are 8 tops tips from the team at Tiso....

1. Spend time by the sea

by Darcy, Digital Merchandiser for Apparel

I’m lucky enough to live just a few minutes’ walk away from the beach, and rarely a day goes past where I’m not taking a stroll down the coast with my dog. Spending time by the sea is good for the soul and is a great way to relax and destress whilst spending time in nature. If you live a bit further away from the coast, why not cycle or take the train? It’s a great way to make a day of it, and you could even take a tent and turn it into an overnight microadventure, catching a great sunset/sunrise while you’re at it.

bulldog by the sea

2. Sleep under the stars

by Darcy, Digital Merchandiser for Apparel

Some of my favourite memories outside have been on camping trips. They are a great way to make memories with friends/family and are relatively inexpensive. If you live in the countryside, take a walk to an area you don’t often visit, or if you live in the city, catch a bus to your nearest woodland area. When you find a nice spot, pitch your tent and gaze up at the night sky above. If wild camping isn't your thing, book yourself into a campsite, you'll have just as much fun!

tent near sea

Just remember that you should access the outdoors responsibly. It is important to respect the environment when camping and you should always follow the Countryside Code. Watch the below video by Tiso and their ambassador Nick Nairn, to find out more about the importance of responsible camping in Scotland.

3. Travel by bike

by Rebecca, Digital Merchandiser for Alpine Bikes

If there is one thing you can do to switch up your daily routine for the better, it should be ditching the car or public transport, and choosing to travel by bike. You see, by riding your bike, you are reducing your carbon footprint therefore being kinder to our earth. Being outside, the wind on your face and the smells of nature will make you feel fresh and alive. It definitely beats taking a busy, hectic bus or sitting in traffic.

If you want to explore the amazing world of cycling more, why not check out some nearby routes on OS Maps? If you really want to push your comfort zone, have a go at bikepacking – a multi-day adventure, combing cycling and camping. Here are some of our favourite multi-day routes to try.

gravel bike

4. Solo adventures for moments of solitude

by Rebecca, Digital Merchandiser for Alpine Bikes

I once read that in our modern age, humans are deficient in moments of solitude. We appear to always be occupied by something or someone, whether that be our phones, our laptops, our google calendar or our to-do list. Moments in solitude allow us to process the day, regulate emotions and deal with difficult situations better. It can be a time for self-discovery. When I go on a solo adventure I feel like my entire perception of my reality has changed for the better.

woman looking out at lake

5. Look after your kit

by Stuart, Head of Multichannel

There’s no denying the fact that there is a lot of outdoor kit on the market. But you don’t need it all to have a great time in the outdoors, in fact you can usually get away with a few well-chosen basics and if you buy well, it can last you for years. That’s especially true if you look after it. Make sure it’s clean and dry before you put it away and take the time to repair any little issues before they become big issues.

It saves you money and it’s satisfying, think of it as an unwritten contract between you and the product, it looks after you when outdoors, but you look after it when you get back. By looking after your kit and having it stored in one place, you'll be ready for even the most spontaneous microadventure!

outdoor trousers 

Maintaining water repellency on my favourite Fjallraven trousers

6. Slow down, relax and enjoy the journey

by Stuart, Head of Multichannel

I’d have to admit that when I was younger, I was very “goal orientated” when outdoors. Bag that summit, get up that climb. However, since having kids I’d been forced to slow the pace. I must also admit that sometimes I do find the slow-paced frustrating, but then I take a deep breath but also take a minute to just look around at the detail in nature that we often miss when moving faster.

The kids and I recently spent 5 hours in the woods. We put up a tarp for a shelter and had hot chocolate, the kids wandered about, and I carved a big spoon out of wood. On our way back to the car, we found the best climbing tree. I can’t emphasise this enough, tree climbing is not just for kids!

wood carving

My carved spoon

7. Spice up your walks with some litter picking

by Lauren, Digital Merchandiser for Footwear & Equipment

We’ve all been there: you’re enjoying the beauty and quiet solitude of a forest trail when you’re abruptly brought back to earth when you see a discarded orange peel, or perhaps a plastic bottle. You’re reminded that other people have been there too, and they’ve left more than just footprints. If you have a litter picker and some bin bags/a bucket, you can feel fulfilled both physically and mentally by helping to clean your community while out getting your steps for the day.

Each one of us can make a difference, from taking a bag with you on your hikes to collect any rubbish you see along the way to donating your time to an organised litter pick. In recent years there’s been an increase in community groups and charities organising local litter picks and you too, could help make a difference to the environment we live in.

litter pick

8. Use the sun as your alarm clock

by Lauren, Digital Merchandiser for Footwear & Equipment

Imagine this. You’ve hiked up a trail in the middle of the night with your headtorch and the moonlight showing you the path ahead. You reach the summit and set up your sleeping bag, fascinated by the stars above rather than counting sheep. The sun's glow will wake you up naturally and when it does, start to boil water for a coffee. Just as the coffee is warm enough to sip on, a golden horizon appears. Sounds very romantic, doesn’t it? That is exactly how “bivvying” feels (weather dependant of course).

bivvy mountain

“Bivvying” is traditionally known as staying in a small tent or temporary shelter. After a few years of camping and building up the courage to confidently read weather forecasts, I recently had my first summit bivvy camp. With zero rainfall, 2mph winds and 10 °C forecast for above 800m elevation, I felt confident with my safety to summit camp. I made sure I had all the correct equipment in case of an emergency and packed a tent just in case I needed more protection. The result was one of the most beautiful mornings I have ever experienced.

bivvy microadventure

Bivvying is a great adventure, but it does require a few bits of reliable kit to safely enjoy. If an overnight microadventure is not quite your thing, you can still have just as much fun simply watching the sunrise or sunset. You can use OS Maps to survey an area and decide if you will have unobstructed views east or west. Then you can plot a route to follow which all adds to make the experience so special.

So, whether you are a casual user of the outdoors or the biggest adrenaline seeker around – I hope our list of microadventure ideas have given you a new breath of fresh air. No matter your outdoor experience, there are plenty ways to fit an adventure or two into our lives. An active outdoor lifestyle can help you live longer and enjoy life to the fullest so if you make sure you take care of the environment, it will take care of you too.

Tiso have been serving the Scottish outdoor market for nearly 60 years, offering the best range, advice and price. Their shops are located across Scotland and offer a world of outdoor gear under one roof. Whatever your adventure, Tiso has you covered.

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