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Jason Rawles By Jason Rawles

#GetOutside Champion Jason Rawles is here to get you started with some inspiration to find winter views.

I love the winter! We’ve just had a wonderful display of colour from Mother Nature during autumn and now we get offered crisp, cold temperatures and with a sprinkling of snow when the landscape changes completely.

Let’s not forget that the shorter days of sunlight give us more access to sunrises and sunsets so we don’t have to go hunting for these majestic views at silly o’clock! Below are my five best views during winter and some hints and tips to ensure you have fun, safely.


There is very little more inspirational than that of a wonderful sunrise signifying the dawn of a new day. This picture is of the finger stone in Bwlch Glas at the top of the PYG Track on Snowdon. The cloud sits below me and the sun is piercing the sky. A moment before that it was a beautiful orange but it was so chilly it took me a while to organise myself and get my gloves off! On this particular day, I had started my #GetOutside by head torch and was well wrapped up. I had crampons on and was using an ice axe too. The right kit was needed as some of the down slopes were badly iced up and would have had significant consequence for anyone without the right kit.


I do love a cheeky sunset! For me it can be at the more spontaneous end of #GetOutside activities and I tend to have a bag of kit with me if I’m out working. If the weather is right, and time allows, a trig point could be bagged or you could stop at a lake and absorb the dark cloak of the night sky coming in. You also get some beautiful reflections as this one shows looking out from the Snowdon massif making the snow look like it’s choppy water!

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This picture of Llyn Padarn in Llanberis was taken last winter and it was a crisp clear morning with haze across the water (can’t quite see!) and a lovely reflection with snow visible on the tops. I had a flask of coffee with me and about five layers on along with my favourite bobble hat. Remember, adventure isn’t just about high mountains and big expeditions, it’s just getting out of bed and getting on with your #GetOutside!


I do spend #GetOutside time alone but I love nothing more than seeing big smiles on the faces of friends that I am with. This was a winter day out with fellow Champion Mary-Ann Ochota and just loving the big smile and rosy cheeks. We earnt our drinks and food that evening!


I’m so fortunate to live amongst the mountains of North Wales so can have some amazing #GetOutside adventures. But let’s not forget how treacherous they can be. In the blink of an eye Mother Nature can turn from being your best pal to your worst enemy and there is serious consequence for not having the right armament to deal with what can be thrown your way.

That said, with the right skills and most importantly decision making, you can get some stunning views. This particular picture is taken from a beautiful mountain called Moel Eilio looking towards The Glyderau. Just wonderful but be cautious.

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Jason Rawles By Jason Rawles


Jason Rawles is a #GetOutside champion, based in Snowdonia. Jason is a qualified mountain leader and you can often finding him up a peak or two.