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5 Things to try in 2017

Discover 5 ways that you could enjoy Great Britain in 2017!

For a lot of people, January marks the start of new fitness plans, gym memberships and healthier diets (or at least very good intentions). If you’re still looking for inspiration or found yourself in need of a new pledge – why not try one of these and enjoy more of beautiful Britain.

1. Start a new hobby or sport

There is such a large variety of different activities and sports that you could get involved with that there’s definitely something for everybody so you could get fitter by doing something that is very easy to fit into your busy lives.

Get started with a range of new hobbies with our introductory beginner’s guide. The guides include the easiest (and free) activities to do, walking and running, to the more adventurous activities such as night orienteering and raft building. Or, if you want to challenge yourself, why not try running a marathon or participating in a triathlon?

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2. Hike or cycle a national trail

If you’re new to hiking or cycling, then an easy way to start and gain more experience is to try some of Britain’s marked national trails. You can choose to complete the whole trail or, if you’re pressed for time, you can choose to complete smaller segments at a time.

Just like the terrain and scenery of Britain, the national trails offer the mix of striking mountains, rolling hills, mystical forests and urban buzz.

Some of the most popular trails include:

3. Go for a camping trip to one of the National Parks Places to visit

Great Britain has 15 stunningly beautiful National Parks across England, Scotland and Wales. Home to Britain's mountains and peaks, the great lakes and never-ending forest, there's plenty of exploring for you to do; AND even better – you can stay in safe, family friendly campsites in all of them!

The parks are also home to some unusual and native wildlife for you to spot, making them ideal locations for family fun.

You can also make the most of sleeping under canvas to see something truly remarkable. There are 5 incredible dark sky locations located within national parks in Britain. Unspoiled by light pollution and urban interruptions, the view of the night sky on a clear evening can be truly mesmerising!

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4. Visit somewhere new for the day

So, we’ve established that Britain has some beautiful countryside, but you don’t have to go rural to experience the other beautiful scenery on offer.

If time is an issue or you're not able to go away for longer, than why not visit some of our beautiful towns and cities such as the cobbled streets of York, the striking cathedral in Durham or the picturesque seaside town of Tenby.

You could also visit one of the many National Trust and English Heritage properties in England. For example, take a history lesson in one of these castles!

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5. Looking for something tougher? Challenge yourself with a coast to coast!

Of course, there are people who want to test themselves this year and complete a challenge to make their 2016 a memorable year. For those people, we’d recommend tasking yourself with a coast to coast hike/cycle, an organised marthon event (such as the highly popular Snowdonia Marathon), or you could choose to take an ‘off the grid’ eco-friendly holiday with no limitations by having a go at the adventurous activity of Cycle Touring – where the first challenging task is simply choosing what to pack and take on your bike with you!

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