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Approach the New Year with 20/20 vision

Glyn Dodwell By Glyn Dodwell

What's your New Year's resolution? GetOutside Champion Glyn Dodwell explores 5 awesome challenges you could set yourself for 2020.

Every year we make New Year Resolutions then break them within a month or two! But why?

Probably the most common reason for breaking New Year's resolutions is that we set our targets too high and we over-commit. We may also create a resolution without planning it properly or thinking it through.

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So, to ensure a successful resolution in 2020 we need to approach the issue with clear 20/20 vision (see what I did there!) The secret to successful New Year Resolutions is KISS – Keep It Simple Silly

> Choose one thing to do
> Make it achievable and realistic

So, what can you do, if your aim is to get outside more this year?

Always consider your capabilities and limitations and adjust your goals accordingly. Whether you are going to walk, run or cycle set yourself a target range that is realistic. Aim to reward yourself periodically for your effort. This could be a weekly or monthly treat, or a medal at the end of each challenge. Here's a few ideas on what you could achieve.

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1. Walk 1000 miles

This is an annual challenge to walk 1000 miles in a year. That averages at just 2.74 miles a day. It's an honesty-based challenge shared by a tens of thousands of participants. Check out Country Walking magazine for competitions, routes, inspiration and #walk1000miles stories to keep you fired up all year.

2. ​Race At Your Pace

Each month you can sign up for a particular challenge, complete it and earn yourself a medal. Challenges are set for walking, running, cycling and swimming, plus there's a kids challenge as well.

Walking challenges start from as little as 15 miles per month (that’s 3.75 miles per week). You set your challenge based on your capabilities – see if you can improve as the year progresses.

3. Everest Anywhere

The aim of this challenge is to climb the equivalent height of Everest (8848 metres or 29029 feet). That equates to 737m/2420 feet per month or 185m/605 feet. Could you take on Everest Anywhere?!

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4. Walk a Waymarked Trail

The country is peppered with numerous waymarked footpaths and long-distance trails. Select one of these close to where you live and challenge yourself to walk it over the course of the year. Even a 100-mile trail would only require you to walk 8.5 miles a month.

Check out OS Maps in your area to discover routes or create your own.

5. Hug A Trig

Set yourself the target of walking/cycling to one of the Ordnance Survey Trig Pillars every week or month. There are over 6,000 scattered across the UK and it is possible to gain easy access to most of them.

Don’t forget to take a picture hugging the Trig Pillar and post it using #HugATrig

Whatever challenge you set yourself, remember to make it achievable, interesting and enjoyable.

Make it something that you will want to do most weekends, even if for just an hour or two. But at the end of the day – the most important thing is to get outside and have some fun!

Glyn Dodwell By Glyn Dodwell


Glyn is a hill walker, charity fundraiser, blogger, navigator, trainer, elder statesman and Veteran.

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