10 things to do as a family this summer

Make the most of your family time this summer with these great ideas.

Want to make the most of your time with your family? Here are ten ideas to get away from the TV and tablets and enjoy the outdoors together - from swinging in the trees to a picnic in the park.

Swing from the trees!

Go Ape is a brilliant tree top adventure perfect for burning some energy. Enjoy being high up in the trees as you swing, zip and trek your away across this tall experience. Children get the chance to test their abilities in a safe environment, and it's scary fun for mums and dads too.

Go Ape has centres across the UK. Especially during the holidays you will need to book in advance on the Go Ape* website.

Get on your bike

Nothing beats a ride in the countryside and it is even better when spent with the family. Cycle your way through trees, over hills and witness stunning scenery in the process.

Even if you don’t have a bike you can easily rent one in many of the most popular areas.

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Pick your own fruit

Getting the kids to eat fruit and veg can be a difficult process, however if they get to pick their own they are sure to want them straight away. Perfect for getting some fresh air and doing the grocery shopping at the same time!

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Take the dog

Dog walks don’t just have to be to the shops or the park. Be adventurous in where you go and bring the family along too. There are 15 National Parks in the UK with loads of opportunities for the family and the dog to have an excellent day! Don’t forget that there are many dog friendly pubs as well.

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See some animals

Take a family day out to the zoo or a local petting farm and get a closer to animals than ever before! The kids will be amazed at the size of an elephant of the sound of a lion’s roar. Some places will allow kids to feed the animals or enjoy a short ride on a horse or donkey.

Alternatively there are plenty of animal rescue sanctuaries around the UK as well, from otters to reptiles, which is a guaranteed great day out for any animal-mad kids.

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The much more interesting version of fishing, with less waiting around so the kids won’t get bored. Most seaside towns will have a pier or wall somewhere nearby, and a kids crab line can be bought for just a few pounds.

The good thing about crabs is that they are not fussy - almost anything will work as bait. You can often buy bait from local shops, but try bits of lunch, worms, snails and see which works the best. However if the kids do start to lose interest, make it a competition to see who can catch the biggest or who can catch the most - guaranteed to keep them going.


Are your kids at the age where they would rather stay at home then go out with mum and dad? Then why not give them a ride of their lives with Zorbing?

Strap them into a giant inflatable ball, and roll down a hill or across water. This twisting and turning experience will easily make you coolest parents ever and is perfect for creating another family memory

Available at various locations across the UK.


Not for everyone, but camping is an adventure the whole family will enjoy, no matter what age they are. A brilliant way to spend the weekend together away from electronics and screens

With thousands of campsites across Britain, it easy to find somewhere new to explore, which can be a big site with full facilities to 'wild camping' where you have to bring everything with you.

Alternatively, if you’re not quite into the traditional camping experience, try glamping! A little bit pricier, but you do get the camping adventure with the added benefit of some home comforts, such as proper beds and a stove.

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Star gazing

If you do decide to go for a camping experience then you are more than likely going to see one of the most beautiful sights ever. Looking up at the sky and seeing hundreds and thousands of little twinkly lights can be an amazing experience for kids who generally live in towns with too much ambient light to see many.

Even if you don’t go camping, there is nothing wrong with staying out late just to catch a glimpse of this sight; the kids will love it and most likely fall asleep on the way back. Here are our top 5 dark skies locations.


A great day out with endless opportunities! Go to the local park, the beach or the forest, make your favourite sandwiches and bring your favourite treats.

Don’t forget a kite, frisbee or ball to keep the kids active and entertained. For older children, invite their friends along to let the kids burn off their energy while you sit back and relax. This is the perfect family day out.

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Edited: 23/07/2021