Beginners guide to greenspaces in OS Maps

Get started with the new OS Greenspaces layer in OS Maps - it's a great, free way to discover new greenspaces near you. Find out how with this quick guide.

1. Open OS Maps

Click for OS Maps Greenspace layer

If you already have an account you can log in - or just close the welcome box to get started.

To find the Greenspace layer in OS Maps, either click the link above, or go to the map layer selector and select ‘Greenspace’

Open OS Maps and select the Greenspace layer.

2. Zoom in

Zoom in to start finding greenspaces near you.

You can use the 'Search for location' function in the top left to jump to a specific place, or just scroll around the map.

Tip: you can search for postcodes, place names or grid references

Zoom in to see more details of the greenspaces

3. Find out more

Click on Help to open the map legend.

Each different category of greenspace is shown in a different colour. Entrances are shown as small green dots for pedestrian access and red dots for vehicle access.

View OS Greenspaces in OS Maps
The map legends gives more information on how each greenspace is highlighted

OS Maps mobile app

To view the Greenspace map on the move, it’s easiest to use the OS Maps app on your mobile. It’s available to download for free on Android and iOS.

You'll be asked if you want to register or log in. This allows you to share planned routes with the browser version. However you can skip this part if you wish.

Once you’ve opened up the OS Maps app, click the Layers button in the bottom right and choose 'Greenspaces'.

In the OS Maps app, select the Greenspace layer

Now just zoom in using pinch to zoom to see greenspaces near you. Pan around to discover the local area or use the search at the top of the screen.

It uses the same colour categories as the browser version. You will need a data connection to see the map.

Zoom in to see the details of greenspaces